Decoding the Performance Fee Structure in Crypto Hedge Funds: A Detailed Analysis from the 21e6 Crypto Fund Database

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4 min readJul 5, 2023


This article uses the 21e6 Crypto Fund Database to analyze the typical performance fee taken by crypto hedge fund managers.

Authors: Jan Spörer, Maximilian Bruckner


In the world of crypto hedge funds, performance fees play a pivotal role. These fees, a percentage of the profits generated, are the lifeblood of hedge funds. Performance fees align manager interests with those of their investors, as managers strive for superior returns.

The higher the profits, the greater the performance fees — a win-win scenario for both parties. But, the percentage of these fees can vary among funds. This reflects different investment strategies, risk profiles, and market positions. We offer an in-depth analysis of the distribution of performance fees among crypto hedge funds in this article. The analysis leverages data from the 21e6 Crypto Fund Database.

Figure 1: Top crypto custodians for crypto funds

Performance fees below 15%

A significant part of crypto hedge funds, as per the 21e6 Crypto Fund Database, opts for a performance fee of less than 15%. These funds represent a conservative approach to the risk-reward paradigm in crypto investing. By charging lower performance fees, they appeal to investors who prefer a more cautious investment strategy. Many managers taking low fees follow a long-only approach, sometimes index-based or as a single asset fund (i.e. Bitcoin only). Taking high performance fees for generating market returns would not bode well with investors. Thus, these funds choose to take lower fees.

Performance fees at 15%

A smaller, yet noteworthy, segment of the crypto hedge fund market charges a performance fee of exactly 15%. These funds try to strike a balance between risk and reward, offering a middle ground for investors comfortable with moderate risk levels. The 15% performance fee is a strategic choice, reflecting a fund’s positioning in the competitive crypto market. It signals a commitment to generating substantial returns while keeping the cost to investors at a manageable level. This fee level can be an attractive option for investors seeking a balance between potential profits and the fees they are willing to pay.

Performance fees at 20%

The most prevalent performance fee in the crypto hedge fund industry, according to the 21e6 Crypto Fund Database, is 20%. This fee level is indicative of a high-risk, high-reward investment strategy. Funds charging a 20% performance fee are typically targeting substantial returns, justifying the higher fee with the promise of significant profits. These managers actively manage their positions and trade frequently. Strategies can be long-short, trend following, and even arbitrage or DeFi focused. Active management can generate significant value and outperformance in the crypto market. This is how managers can justify taking performance fees of 20% (and above).

The prevalence of this fee level underscores the risk-taking propensity of a significant segment of crypto investors. It also reflects the value that these investors place on active fund management, which can help navigate the complex and volatile crypto market.

Performance fees above 20%

A smaller segment of crypto hedge funds charges a performance fee of more than 20%. These funds cater to high-risk, high-reward investors that are willing to pay a higher fee for the potential of outsized returns. This fee level is indicative of an aggressive investment strategy. The potential for high returns should justify the higher performance fee — a testament to the high-stakes nature of crypto investing. However, many investors may be unwilling to pay performance fees of up to 30%.


In conclusion, the performance fee structure in the crypto hedge fund industry is diverse, reflecting the varied risk appetites and return expectations of crypto investors. From conservative sub-15% fees to aggressive above-20% fees, the market caters to a wide range of investor profiles. This diversity is a testament to the dynamic nature of the crypto market, where different strategies can yield.

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