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4 min readAug 22, 2023

Siemens to Invest 1 Billion in Creating Industrial Metaverse Hub in Germany

Siemens plans to invest around €1 billion in Germany, including €500 million for a new technology campus in Erlangen, to establish a hub for technology activities related to the Industrial Metaverse. The company envisions the campus as a central location for research, development, and production for the Industrial Metaverse, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and AI to create sustainable high-tech production models. The investment aligns with Siemens’ global strategy, with a total of €2 billion for similar initiatives across Europe, the United States, China, and Southeast Asia. The goal is to revolutionize future production methods for greater efficiency and sustainability within the industrial landscape.

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Blockchain Gaming Market Overview 2023: Trends, Leaders, Predictions

Blockchain gaming, blending technology and entertainment, introduces play-to-earn games and mobile-friendly experiences. Players gain asset ownership, driving security and engagement. Mobile gaming’s rise and collectible games’ popularity highlight this trend. Yet, hurdles like uncertain regulations and NFT governance persist. Ethereum’s dominance faces competition. P2E games face obstacles due to investments and market shifts. Despite challenges, the blockchain gaming sector grows with optimistic projections. Overcoming tech and regulatory issues is crucial for offering rewarding, immersive gaming. The crypto industry’s growth will shape solutions and the future of blockchain gaming.

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China Aims to Extend Social Credit System to Metaverse

China has reportedly proposed implementing its social credit system in the metaverse and other virtual worlds, aiming to regulate users’ behavior through digital IDs and real-world punishments. State-owned telco China Mobile has suggested a digital ID system for metaverse users, similar to the existing social credit system. This ID would collect personal information and characteristics, enabling authorities to monitor and regulate activities within virtual worlds. The proposal aligns with China’s existing social credit infrastructure, which scores and ranks citizens based on their behavior. If accepted, these proposals could significantly influence the development of metaverse standards and impact global tech firms.

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Immutable Launches zkEVM Testnet with 12 Web3 Games Underway

Immutable, a Web3 gaming platform, has initiated public testing of its Immutable zkEVM in collaboration with Polygon Labs. The zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) network offers developers reduced costs and increased security within the Ethereum ecosystem. Over 20 gaming companies, including GameStop and Kongregate, have partnered with Immutable for the launch. At least 12 games are already in development on zkEVM, with titles such as MetalCore announcing a beta launch on September 15. The network is fully compatible with Ethereum applications, and developers can migrate projects with minimal changes. Immutable is known for the Gods Unchained Web3 trading card game.

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Futureverse Launches $50 Million “Born Ready” Venture Fund for Metaverse Innovation

Futureverse introduces “Born Ready,” a $50 million venture fund and studio aimed at fostering technological advancement in the metaverse space. The fund has already invested in companies like FCTRY Lab, Power’d Digital, Polemos, and Walker Labs. Backed by a recent $54 million Series A funding round, Futureverse is consolidating 11 metaverse infrastructures and content firms to create a comprehensive ecosystem for metaverse application development. Collaborations with entities like Wimbledon, FIFA, Mastercard, and influential figures underline Futureverse’s influence in the metaverse realm. The partnership with NFT collection Cool Cats and the involvement of Co-Founders Shara Senderoff and Aaron McDonald further emphasize Futureverse’s commitment to driving innovation in the metaverse landscape. Both Senderoff and McDonald are recognized figures in the Web3 and blockchain sectors. The launch of “Born Ready” solidifies Futureverse’s position as a leader shaping the evolution of the metaverse.

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Lamina1 Blockchain Launches Betanet and Hub for Metaverse Development

Lamina1, a metaverse-focused layer-1 blockchain co-founded by science-fiction author Neal Stephenson and early Bitcoin investor Peter Vessenes, has unveiled its betanet and Hub for Web3 creators. The metaverse concept, popularized by Stephenson’s novel “Snow Crash,” envisions a connected digital and physical world. Lamina1’s betanet and Hub aim to simplify the Web3 wallet experience and streamline onboarding processes for creators and developers. This move aligns with Stephenson’s vision of a foundational layer for the metaverse. Lamina1’s betanet will allow creators to develop the framework for an open metaverse in a more stable environment before its mainnet launch. The Lamina1 team is also focused on ensuring carbon negativity and adhering to core values of interoperability and data ownership.

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Sony’s VR Patent Blurs Real and Virtual Worlds for Enhanced Metaverse

Sony has revealed a patent that could propel virtual reality (VR) technology into new dimensions. This patent introduces the concept of VR headsets detecting real-world objects and recreating them within the digital realm. The technology employs audio cues emitted by objects to replicate their composition, bringing a heightened level of realism and immersion to the metaverse. Apart from enriching gaming experiences, this innovation could prevent real-world collisions, assist visually impaired users, and demonstrate Sony’s dedication to VR advancements. This patent signifies Sony’s determination to push the boundaries of VR, aiming to merge real-world objects seamlessly into the virtual realm. The future of VR holds exciting possibilities as these innovations continue to unfold.

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