Metaverse News Rollup — August #4

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Stay updated with the latest Metaverse News in our weekly rollup, covering immersive experiences, blockchain technologies, and virtual worlds.

Apple’s Gradual Entry into the Metaverse

Apple is quietly making strides towards the metaverse, even though it hasn’t officially embraced the term. CEO Tim Cook hinted at Apple’s interest in overlapping virtual and physical realms, and the company’s recent XR announcements, including the Apple Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, indicate a growing metaverse focus. The Vision Pro’s advanced capabilities, patents, and hiring trends suggest Apple’s intentions to participate in the metaverse space, albeit subtly. While Apple doesn’t overtly use the term “metaverse,” its actions suggest a strategic involvement in shaping the future of digital environments. Read more on , published on 23.08.2023.

Meta Introduces AI Model for Multilingual Speech Translation

Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, has unveiled its AI model, SeamlessM4T, which can translate and transcribe speech in multiple languages. This technology holds the potential for bridging communication gaps across languages in real-time. The model enables text-to-speech and speech-to-speech translation in nearly 100 languages, streamlining what used to be separate processes. Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, envisions these tools as integral to facilitating interactions in the metaverse. The company is providing the SeamlessM4T model for non-commercial use to the public. This move aligns with Meta’s strategy of fostering an open AI ecosystem for consumer-facing tools. However, the company, like the industry at large, faces legal concerns regarding training data sources for its models. Read more on , published on 22.08.2023.

Web3 and Metaverse Redefine Music Industry

Virtual Shows: Metaverse concerts like Ariana Grande’s Fortnite gig draw vast audiences. ABBA Voyage integrates real and digital avatars for groundbreaking performances.

Metaverse Artists: Virtual popstars offer fans immersive interactions. Digital avatars don’t tire, offering unique opportunities for fans and management.

Virtual Merch: Artists sell virtual items on platforms like Roblox, tapping into lucrative revenue streams and brand collaborations in virtual realms.

Music NFTs: Music embraces NFTs, offering collectibles, fan club access, and direct artist-fan engagement, altering traditional music industry dynamics. Read more on, published on 22.08.2023.

Microsoft’s XR and Metaverse Initiatives Drive Transformative Workplace Experiences

Microsoft is accelerating its immersive technology initiatives, joining forces with Magic Leap and Qualcomm to expand the Mixed Reality Toolkit 3 (MRTK3) framework. This transition, along with Microsoft’s investment in generative AI via CoPilot, is enhancing workplace efficiency. The company’s upcoming industrial metaverse roadmap for 2024 aligns AI, Cloud, and metaverse solutions to boost productivity and sustainability. AjnaLens contributes MR headsets for immersive learning, while NVIDIA’s OpenUSD in Omniverse supports complex simulations for industrial digitization. Microsoft’s multi-faceted approach is shaping the future of XR and the metaverse in the workplace. Read more on , published on 25.08.2023.

Experts Weigh In: The Metaverse’s Profound Impact

As the Metaverse emerges from sci-fi dreams into a digital reality, experts from diverse domains offer insights into its transformative potential. From virtual real estate becoming a lucrative investment to the rise of Metaverse casino games, immersive networking, crypto integration, security challenges, leisure and entertainment evolution, and the emergence of a new economy, the Metaverse is revolutionizing various aspects. Its impact on society, sustainability considerations, navigating risks, privacy concerns, and psychological effects of dual reality living are crucial subjects. With a global perspective and a promise of innovation, the Metaverse is shaping our future in profound ways. Read more on, published on 23.08.2023.

Virtual Rally Against Assange’s Extradition in the Metaverse

The “Don’t Extradite Assange Campaign,” aiming to prevent Julian Assange’s extradition to the US, is organizing a virtual political rally in the metaverse. Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, is currently fighting extradition from a London jail. The virtual event, set to occur on August 26 in Wistaverse on the Polygon blockchain, will feature speeches from high-profile guests such as Jeremy Corbyn, Stella Assange (Julian’s wife), and Kristinn Hrafnsson (WikiLeaks co-founder). The goal is to raise awareness and gather support against Assange’s extradition, which is seen as a threat to press freedom. The virtual rally will provide a wider audience reach and serve as a platform for raising awareness about the case. Read more on, published on 24.08.2023.

Japan Explores Military Metaverse for Defense Innovation

Japan is delving into the concept of a military metaverse to enhance its defense capabilities amid complex global tensions. The recently released Defense Technology Guidelines 2023 highlight the potential of using a metaverse for strategic deception against adversaries. This innovative approach seeks to manipulate perceptions through immersive technology, with applications ranging from advanced troop training and recruitment to enhancing defense collaboration. By integrating historical tactics of deception into a modern digital landscape, Japan aims to adapt its defense strategies to the evolving dynamics of warfare. Read more on, published on 27.08.2023.

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