UNICEF CryptoFund: the first non-profit fund in the 21e6 Fund List

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3 min readJun 20, 2023

Starting with the June 2023 version of the 21e6 Crypto Fund Database, UNICEF CryptoFund was included in the database. This is a first for the database, as the UNICEF CryptoFund is the only non-profit fund covered. 21e6 hopes that the listing contributes to increasing the visibility of the UNICEF CryptoFund.

As always, the article uses the 21e6 Crypto Fund Database as a basis to map out the current state of crypto funds in June 2023.

Authors: Jan Spörer, Maximilian Bruckner

About the UNICEF CryptoFund

The UNICEF CryptoFund, established in October 2019 [1], provides funding for open-source projects and companies in need. As a non-profit digital asset-based fund, is has successfully raised 8 BTC and 2527 ETH from donors and allocated 4.83 BTC and 2490.61 ETH to 41 projects [2].

Figure 1: Announcement of the addition of the UNICEF CryptoFund to the 21e6 Crypto Fund Database

How the UNICEF CryptoFund Leverages the Advantages of Charitable Giving

Dedicated to learning about how crypto transfers can help charitable giving in the future, UNICEF CryptoFund exclusively distributes proceeds in digital asset form, and all investment capital is carefully tracked on-chain with each transaction ID published on its website [2].

Current Status of Non-Profit Funds in the 21e6 Crypto Fund Database

The 21e6 Crypto Fund Database will include the UNICEF CryptoFund as of June 2023 [3]. As a result, the 21e6 strategy classification framework now included 22 different strategies [4].

The Outlook for Non-Profit Funds

We expect to see more crypto-enabled funds in the future. The UNICEF CryptoFund is currently only accepting Bitcoin and Ether. A push could come from an acceptance of stablecoins. Furthermore, we think that “rounding up schemes” by crypto exchanges and crypto-accepting retailers can lower the barrier for donors to provide non-profit funds with charitable contributions.

How to Contact the UNICEF CryptoFund and How to Contribute

For more information on the UNICEF CryptoFund, please visit their website [2] or read the original press release by UNICEF [1]. For any inquiries, feel free to reach out to Arun Maharajan at amaharajan@unicef.org.


The UNICEF CryptoFund is a pioneer in the field of charitable giving through decentralized means. We hope that we help this fund to raise additional money by listing this fund in our database.

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Jan Spörer is Due Diligence Manager at 21e6 and responsible for overseeing the content quality management of the 21e6 Crypto Fund Database.

Maximilian Bruckner is Head of Marketing & Sales at 21e6 Capital AG.


[1] UNICEF CryptoFund Website: https://cryptofund.unicef.io/home/
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[3] 21e6 Crypto Fund Database, https://cryptofunds.21e6.io/
[4] 21e6 Strategy Classification as of 2023–05–09:

Directional: Discretionary
Directional: Long-short
Directional: Quantitative
Directional: Early Stage
Directional: Multi Strategy
Non-directional: Arbitrage
Non-directional: Lending, Farming
Non-directional: Arbitrage: Futures
Non-directional: Multi Strategy
Directional: Fund of Funds, Multi Fund, Multi Manager
Non-directional: Fund of Funds, Multi Fund, Multi Manager
Venture Capital
Venture Capital: Fund of Funds, Multi Fund, Multi Manager
Venture Capital: Non-profit
ETP, ETC, Index-like
Public Market Equities
Public Market Bonds
Non-Investible Index
TradFi FX, Commodities, Derivatives

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